I’ve been complaining for about a year now that I haven’t seen snow.  It didn’t snow where I live last winter and I was so upset by this.  I love snow, it’s my favourite type of weather.  

So it snowed in Cardiff!  And it made the city even more beautiful.  I mean, we have a freaking castle covered in snow, how much more magical can you get?  

I know I haven’t been posting on here, but New Year’s Resolution, I’m going to be better at updated all my study abroad blogs.  

Over winter break I was backpacking around Europe with a friend and a bit on my own, I have pictures that I will put up later because I’m actually supposed to be studying for exams right now, yes, Cardiff has exams after winter break, it’s very odd and I don’t think I like it at all.  Although we did only start this term in October so I guess it makes sense.  I’ve already sat for one, and it wasn’t terrible, I’m used to having essay based exams, I know a lot of people in the engineering and pre med fields that would have been totally lost though if they had to take exams like this.  I have two more this week, but I’m less concerned about them, they seem less theory based and more practical.  

I only have two new classes this term, and three continuing from last term.  But one of my new ones is about Egypt so I’m so excited.  

I’ll leave you with that for now, and with promises of pictures from Europe and more posts in the future.   

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